Drum Off Singapore gives all drummers be it established or new and upcoming drummer an opportunity to showcase their      skills and use this to go beyond their current career. This is Singapore’s ultimate drumming competition and it will be an          engaging platform for contestants to interact with other drummers from all around the region, it also encourages the drummers to get their creative juices flowing, expose drummers to more drumming techniques as they take new ideas and make something different of their own.
Drum Off Singapore is open to all drummers of all races, nationalities and genders. Contestants are only allowed to participate in 1 category that they fall under. This contest is for qualified amateurs. A “qualified amateur” is defined as one who does not earn more than $42,000 gross income per year as a professional performing musician, based on the previous tax year.


What is Drum Off Singapore?


What are the different categories?

   Open Category

          As the name suggests, will be all encompassing category, for those who feel that they have what it takes to win the                             championship. Contestants of all ages and genders are eligible.

   Junior Category

          Aims to give those aged 12 and below a chance to perform in public, giving them exposure and confidence.
   Intermediate Category (NEW!)

          Recognizes aspiring drummers aged 18 and below who possess the potential but are not yet ready to compete against                      professional drummers, to showcase their talents.

   Girls Category (NEW!)

          Hopes to give recognition to female drummers under 25 years of age and to put them in the spotlight over this seemingly                  male-dominated activity.

How do I sign up?

          In order to compete, you must sign up online by completing the registration form (click here) and payment must be made.

When is the closing date for online registration?

          10 May 2017, 2359H (GMT +8).


What are the eligibility requirements?


               Junior              12 years and below
               Intermediate    18 years and below
               Girls                 25 years and below
               Open                No age restrictions

               *Note: If you are below 18 years old, you will need a parent/guardian consent.

         By competing in Drum Off Singapore, you are deemed as you agree and state that you meet all of our eligibly requirements.
If at any time it is determined that you don't meet the eligibility requirements, you will be disqualified.

What Is The Registration Fee?
          The registration fee will be SGD$60.00 (Audition at Star Vista, Singapore), and SGD$80.00 (YouTube Audition).


How Does The Competition Work?



    1. Contestants residing in Singapore


          1. You will be required to attend the auditions at Star Vista (Singapore) on the following dates:

               13 May 2017 (Saturday)                       14 May 2017 (Sunday)
               Junior                                                      Girls
               Intermediate                                            Open

               NOTE: Registered contestants will be given stipulated timeslots on the actual day for auditions. Pre-registrations are                                       strongly encouraged and priority will be given to contestants who have registered online.

          2. Audition results will be announced via our website & Facebook. Shortlisted contestants will also be notified through                             email by 29 May 2017.

          3. 8 qualifying contestants from each category will then proceed to the Semi-Finals held at Star Vista on the 1st or 2nd July                    2017. Finalists will be announced after each categories' contestants have performed.

          4. 3 Finalists from each category will then compete together with 3 YouTube Finalists for the Champion title at the Finals of                     Drum Off Singapore 2017 at Singapore Expo on 5th & 6th Aug 2017.

   2. Contestants residing outside Singapore

        You have a choice to attend the auditions in Singapore OR submit a YouTube audition video.

        For YouTube Submission

         1. Register & make payment by 10 May 2017

         2. Submit your YouTube video link to info@fest-events.com by 21 May 2017

         3. Shortlisted contestants will be notified by email, and their audition videos will be placed onto our website.

         4. 8 qualifying contestants from each category will then proceed to the Semi-Finals held at Singapore Expo, Singapore, on                      4 Aug 2017 . Finalists will be announced after each categories' contestants have performed.

         5. 3 Finalists from each category will then compete together with 3 Singapore Finalists for the Champion title at the Finals of                   Drum Off Singapore 2017 at Singapore Expo on 5 & 6 Aug 2017.

        Submission format:
A.  Contestants must introduce themselves with a clear frontal facial view at the start of the video followed by a 4-5-minute            solo performance with no music tracks or no accompaniment of musicians from a slightly elevated side angle from the            left-hand side (for right handed drummers) where movement of the hands, drum sticks, 2 rack toms, floor tom and both            the right and left legs are clear. Video must be captured in one continuous take.
NOTE: Drum kit should only consist of four or five-piece drum kit complete with hardware, a pair of hi hats and maximum 4                            more cymbals and a cowbell.

           B. Upload your video to YouTube with the following name format:
                            Drum Off Singapore 2017 Auditions, <Category>, <Contestant's Name>, <Country>
                            Example: Drum Off Singapore 2017 Auditions, Open Category, Alan Smith, United Kingdom

           C. Submit your YouTube link to info@fest-events.com by 21 May 2017


      Contestants qualified for the Semi-Finals will be:

      1. Required to attend the Semi-Finals on the 4 Aug 2017, and Finals on either 5th or 6th August, held at Singapore                                 Expo, Singapore.

      2. Required to bear all travel cost (Airfare & Accommodations in Singapore) at their own expense.

      3. Given a 2-Day Access Pass to Singapore Drum Fest: Ultimate Drummers' Weekend 2017

When do I need to be present to compete?

          For audition in Singapore, each contestant will be given a stipulated timeslot to come for audition at Star Vista.
          Each contestant must arrive and be checked in at least 30 minutes prior to the auditions.

          For shortlisted contestants residing overseas, you are required to attend the semi-finals on 4th August at Singapore Expo,                   Singapore. If you go through the semi-finals, the finals will be on the 5th & 6th of August at Ultimate Drummers Weekend                    2017.

How Much Time Do I Have For My Performance?


          You get five minutes to set up your instruments and five minutes to play for the Auditions and Semi Finals and Finals.
          A 4-5 mins drum solo performance, no tracks, no electronics.

   Semi Finals & Finals

          For part 1, you will be given a 1 min snare drum piece one month prior to the semi-finals and you will play to it standing up.                And afterwhich in Part 2 you will play a 4 mins improvised drum solo on a drum set.

What Will The Auditions Provide Me To Use?

          The auditions will have a standard 5-piece drum kit, a pair of hi hats with stand and 3 cymbals on cymbal stands and an extra            cymbal stand, a bass drum pedal, a drum throne and a cowbell mounted on bass drum.

Can I Bring My Own Gear?

          The only personal pieces of gear you may use are drumsticks, bass drum pedal, drum throne, extra 1 piece of cymbal and                 snare drum. In your limited five minute set-up time, you will be allowed to adjust the set if you wish.

What Are The Judges Looking For?

         Your performance will be judged on skills/technique, groove, originality, creativity, stage presence and overall performance.                 Use any relevant and suitable stick tricks or gimmicks to add value to your drum performance.

*If you have any other questions, you can email us at info@fest-events.com or call us at 67430781 for more information.
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