Singapore Drum Off Competition is for anyone who is passionate about drumming and wants to bring their skills up to the next level. The service policy shall apply to any contestant that have fully paid the fees of

- SGD$60.00 for Singapore auditions at Star Vista
- SGD$80.00 for YouTube auditions

The Singapore Drum Off committee reserves the right to amend the service policy and terms and conditions.

Fest Events International shall allow the contestant a chance to submit an entry in the auditions. Fest Events International reserves the right to make changes to the agenda, especially pertaining to the program and the performers.

Singapore auditions at Star Vista

o In the event where the participant is late for their audition, he/she will be given a timeslot after the last contestant of that category have auditioned.
o In the event where the participant does not turn up for his/her audition for whatsoever reason, the registration fee of SGD$60.00 will not be                      refunded.

YouTube auditions

o For cases where the audition clip does not follow the name format of:
               Drum Off Singapore 2017 Auditions, <Category>, <Contestant's Name>, <Country>

Fest Events International may at any time request the participant to rename their file.

o In the event where Fest Events International is unable to play the audition clip on YouTube, Fest Events International may request the participant to        upload their audition through an alternative medium.
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